About Me

"I would highly recommend Karen. After struggling with digestion problems for 3 years I have seen immediate and remarkable improvement in my symptoms after only a couple of sessions.

Karen is very methodical in her approach, is clearly very knowledgeable in her subject area but is also very pragmatic about what can be achieved with today's busy and modern lifestyles. Wouldn't hesitate to encourage others to give Karen a try".


After years of digestive problems, I decided I needed a different approach so I contacted Karen. Karen recommended how to change my diet and make some lifestyle changes. This I've done and for the first time in years, I feel great! I would recommend Karen without hesitation. Karen is very knowledgeable, friendly, and most importantly she cares.


'I went to Karen already with a good understanding of which foods made my eczema worse, however I was still struggling with extreme flares once a year and would often find myself on very restrictive diets. Karen was incredibly helpful in explaining all the potential aggravators of eczema and how food can influence various systems in the body that support skin health. When I did begin to suffer with my usual winter flare, by putting into practice everything I had learnt, incorporating a few more of the key foods Karen suggested and regularly taking a couple of specific supplements she had advised, the flare only reached a small part of my body, never got to the level of severity it usually did and cleared up within a few weeks as opposed to a few months. I've found I am now much more relaxed about my diet and feel a lot more in control when my eczema does appear as I have a much greater understanding of what is happening. I wish I had learnt this 20 years ago.'


About Me

Like most people I've always enjoyed food although didn't really appreciate its therapeutic value until I had a family and started thinking about the quality of what my children were eating and how this affected them.

What really impacted on me was seeing family members battle with chronic illness and not really having any resolution. I saw them lose control of their health, take an ever-growing list of medications and their health gradually declining.

This inspired me to seek out a different approach to health - I knew there had to be something better than this. My interest in food and nutrition grew and it was a revelation to me that changes in diet and lifestyle could have such a huge impact on how we look, think and feel.

Learning about diet and nutrition became an all-consuming passion of mine and I decided to give up working in primary education in order to pursue a career as a nutritional therapist. I studied at the renowned NCA college in York on an intensive Masters level course with a focus on gaining experience in the college Nutrition Clinic.
My aims are:
• To encourage and support those who want to take back responsibility for their health by making dietary and lifestyle changes.
• To provide support for those who have health concerns with an empathic, compassionate approach.
• To educate people about how to optimise/regain their health and prevent ill-health.
• To seek out the root cause of symptoms, in order to provide personalised strategies to support a return to good health.

My areas of specialism are digestive conditions such as IBS and Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO). However, I offer help and advice for a wide range of health issues and for those who wish to generally improve their diet in order to optimise their health and wellbeing.

Nutritionist UK, Nutritional Therapist Yorkshire, Nutrition and Wellbeing Coach
Nutritionist UK, Nutritional Therapist Yorkshire, Nutrition and Wellbeing Coach
SIBO Doctor approved