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Healthy Gut, Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Healthy Gut, Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Karen Brooks

Having a healthy, well-functioning gut (gut refers to the whole digestive tract) is one of the keys to overall health. I think we all get the occasional symptom such as a bit of bloating, heartburn, a headache etc from time to time. However some people get these kinds of symptoms regularly and it becomes their "normal".

They may seek help from the doctor and have medical conditions/causes ruled out, but the symptoms continue. So they put up with the situation or take various medications, over-the-counter or prescribed, which may help with the symptoms for a while.

These are known as "functional gut conditions" There is no disease found but there is obviously something wrong.

An example of a functional gut disorder is IBS.

Symptoms happen for a reason; they are the body's way of telling you something isn't working quite right. A dysfunctional gut can not only be indicated by symptoms relating to the gut itself, symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, skin problems, aches and pains can also be due to what is happening in the gut.

I often use the analogy of a car. If red lights started showing on your car dashboard what would you do? Would you stick a piece of tape over them so you couldn't see them any more? That is what we are doing when we only treat symptoms. Your car is indicating to you that something needs attention and if you ignore it, the problem may get worse.....

Don't ignore symptoms...always ask "why?"