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Personalised Health Programmes

Are you suffering from some of the following symptoms? Do you feel as though you are going around in circles trying to find a solution?

Have you suffered from an illness and are struggling to return to full health?

Perhaps you want to take the first steps towards eating more healthily, losing weight and becoming more resilient and resistant to illness.

If so, I can help

  • Bloating, abdominal pain
  • Indigestion
  • Diarrhoea or constipation
  • IBS
  • Food sensitivities
  • headaches and migraines
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Skin Disorders
  • Brain fog, anxiety
  • Hormonal problems
  • Insomnia

Personalised Health Programmes provide you with a combination of expert nutrition and lifestyle advice together with coaching support.

Please contact me to have a chat about which Programmes would be most suitable for you, these can be tailored to suit your situation and needs.


Do you want to eat more healthily but don't know where to start? Maybe you want to begin the process of losing weight by focusing on eating healthily (not calorie/point counting!)

A good place to start is by keeping a diet diary of what and when you eat

I offer a diet diary analysis followed by a 1 hour online consultation advising on key areas of focus together with practical tips and meal ideas.



A programme to help you regain good digestive health. Suitable for those with conditions such as IBS and other chronic digestive issues. Also, a starting point for those with more complex health conditions.

  • analysis of health questionnaire and diet diary
  • initial 90-minute consultation
  • a "bank" of 3.5 hours further 1:1 consultation time to be used flexibly
  • personalised health protocol
  • testing recommendations and results analysis, where appropriate
  • supplement recommendations
  • email support between consultations


Itching Pain Inflammation Sleep disturbance Fatigue Cracked skin Allergy Depression

Having family members who suffer from skin conditions, I know how distressing, frustrating and disruptive to life skin conditions can be.
I specialise in helping those with eczema, acne, psoriasis and rosacea, these conditions are all complex and multi-faceted. Seeking out and dealing with the root causes is often the best way to find long-term relief, using an approach of addressing these conditions from the outside in and inside out.

You may have tried changing your diet, used various lotions and creams but not seen any great improvements. This indicates that there are other root causes of your skin problems which have not yet been dealt with - a multi-pronged attack is often required!

Please contact me for more details about how I can help you.

Please note, consultations are all currently being conducted online using either Zoom or Skype.

How Does It Work?

Before the initial consultation I will ask you to fill in a Health Questionnaire and diet diary and return this to me no later than 48 hours before your appointment.

Initial consultations
may last up to 90 minutes as we go through the following:
• Recap and enlarge on the information in your Health Questionnaire, including family health history
• Discuss your current concerns and health goals.
• Talk about your current symptoms in more depth
• Review your dietary habits, lifestyle, sleep and stress levels
• Discuss the diet diary
• Discuss any medication and supplements currently being taken
We will agree some initial health goals which will be tailored to suit your lifestyle, likes and dislikes and budget. If appropriate, functional tests and /or supplements may be recommended. You will be sent a brief summary of what we discuss and goals we have agreed.

Follow-up consultations
These last for approximately 45 minutes and usually take place about 2 weeks after the first meeting - this may differ depending on your individual needs.

This is a time to catch up, discuss how things have been since the last session and adapt the health goals where necessary. In my experience, lasting changes to diet and lifestyle require a step-by-step approach and I will endeavour to support you along the way and adapt any Programme to make it manageable for you.

Plan lengths vary, depending on your health goals. Typically, 6-12 weeks is a reasonable time needed to begin to notice changes in health and how you are feeling. More complex health issues may need to be addressed over a longer period.

Please Note
• Children age 16 and under must have a parent or guardian present at all consultations and a declaration must be signed prior to any consultation.
• Nutritional Therapy is not a replacement for medical advice and should you have any symptoms of concern, you should contact your GP in the first instance.
• The cost of supplements and functional tests is not included in Health Plans. However, supplements may be ordered at 10% discount off the RRP